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Top 5 Best Baby Carriers and Slings 2018 - 2019

By: Salan Khalkho | 18 min read

A perfect sling or carrier is designed with a purpose to keep your baby safe and close to you, your your little one can enjoy the love, warmth and closeness. Its actually even better if you also have a toddler in a pram.

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers and Slings 2018 - 2019

There are variety of sling or carrier available in the market. To make life easier for you and help you make informed decision, we have handpicked Top 5 Best Baby Carriers and Slings 2018 - 2019.

The list is based on response received from thousands of mums whom we have asked about their favorite products including but not limited to baby products, car seats, cots, breast pumps, feeding bottles, wipes and diapers. Their combined opinion based on their experience will help you take right buying decisions.

Sling or carrier is perfect for short walk or even for those times when you want to get some housework done. 

5. Boba Baby Carrier (Cleo)

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The reason you are going to love it

With this carrier, you have the option to carry your baby facing inwards or outwards. But regardless of whatever you choose, your baby can move his/her legs freely. Here is the real deal - the carrier can be opened from the front section to take out your sleeping baby without waking her. 

What mums think about it? 

The great majority of mums love its quality, which gives a sense of security. They also like the flexibility to carry their child either facing inwards or outwards. Many mums also found it easier to use. 

4. Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier

The reason you are going to love it

Your baby is going to love this wrap. It's made of ultra soft cotton and the the high quality material used to manufacture this wrap will not just ensure that your baby remains close to you but also secure. The wrap comes with multiple holds, so you are never going to run out of options. It's wide shoulder support is designed specifically to distribute your baby's weight across your body and keep you in perfect balance at the time. 

What mums think about it? 

The one thing that mums love abut it is it's lightweight yet durability. They also love the soft fabric that is gentle against their baby's skin. In short - it is simple to use and versatile. 

3. Babymoon Baby Premium Sling Carrier

The reason you are going to love it

If your are thinking of something long term this one is for you. You can safely and comfortably use Babymoon Baby Premium Sling Carrier to carry your child until the age two. Just like above this one also distributes your baby's weight, so you won't strain your back while using it. Moreover this one gives your baby the flexibility (just like the first one) to face inwards or outwards. Your baby can also adjust his or her leg position easily. 

What mums think about it? 

Mums are loving this carrier for that fact that their baby always remains comfortable in this carrier. The second this is its thoughtful design that allows mums to easily use it. 

2. Baby K'tan Active Baby Carrier

The reason you are going to love it

This one is specifically designed to provide support for your baby's head, back and hips. It comes with adjustable settings that makes it easier for you to adjust the carrier as your baby grows. This also comes with the option for your baby to either face inwards or outwards. 

What mums think about it? 

The mums who are using it feels that Baby K'tan Active Baby Carrier is comfortable for both they and their baby. They are loving the fact that they can use it on their own. 

1. 3 in 1 baby carrier sling with hip seat

The reason you are going to love it

This one is a real deal. It is designed in a way that makes it possible for the carrier to cradle your baby in a natural sitting position. Made with high-density padding and adjustable straps, will make sure your baby remains comfortable and safe. 

What mums think about it? 

According to mums participated in the survey, the carrier is soft, and is well designed to support their back, while keep their baby close to them. This one might be expensive, buts its versatile and unisex.

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